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In terms of section 12 of the Constitution of South Africa (act 108 of 1996), every child has the right to be educated. We at St Mark's Primary realized that better education is attainable through collectivity based on discipline and high level of Professionalism.

St Mark's Primary school is a Public institution of learning. This policy serves to guide internal operations, behaviour, relations, procedures and processes for the orderly running of the school. We will also ensure that the school becomes the centre of excellence.


To promote high quality education to learners who are determined to fly high and to equip the community with values, knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfill productive role in society through the provision of quality lifelong education training.


St Mark's Primary school is committed to unlock learners' potential and nurture their talent to meet socio economic and technological needs of our community so that they can be responsible, accountable and answerable citizens of South Africa. We are also committed to work in partnership with members of the community to ensure that each learner receives the best education possible. We shall also add value to our community and the country by attracting and retaining skilled and experienced educators. We shall strive to use the latest teaching methodology and resources.
  • To realize our mission, we will encourage community participation and involvement in the running of the school through elected representative's stake holders.
  • Create a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning.
  • Procure, manage, and utilize educational resources efficiently economically and minimally.
  • To equip and develop both human and physical resources.
  • To realign our educational objectives towards the production of market related products.
  • We shall strive to provide quality education.
  • We encourage respect for human dignity.
  • We shall behave in a professional and civilized manner.
  • We shall accommodate and tolerate diverse cultures.
  • We respect democratic principles.
  • We encourage self discipline.
  • We believe in cooperative governance.
  • We shall be punctual.
  • We trust one another.

St Mark's Primary School aims to promote professionalism, maintain discipline and stability, to develop a healthy working relation to encourage collective problem solving effort, to provide fair and sound solutions.


Every learner has a right to:
  • Receive education.
  • To get textbooks and stationery.
  • To live and stay in a healthy environment.
  • To be treated fairly and responsibly.
  • To be treated with respect (indiscriminately).
  • To show respect.
  • To express opinions politely and to listen to and be tolerant of opinions of others.
  • The right to choose and participate in school sporting activities.
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  • Come to School regularly and on time.
  • Honour all lessons and does all school work.
  • Co-operate in the class and school as a whole.
  • To put on School uniform daily, except when allowed to do so.
  • To keep school's surroundings clean.
  • To report their absence and any social problem to the relevant authority.
  • To teach learners and control learner's work.
  • To be at School every day, be punctual and observe lessons.
  • To participate in extra-mural activities during school hours.
  • To offer voluntary services for the development of the school.
  • To enforce discipline on learners at school and even out of school but concerning school programmes.
  • To respect learners dignity.
  • To solve problems of learners without showing any discrimination.

Parents must make sure that:
  • Their children are punctual at school.
  • Their children come to school every day.
  • The rights of their children are upheld and respected.
  • Their children follow rules and codes of the school.
  • They inform the school authorities about any problems their children may be encountering.
  • Supply their children with basic needs of the school.
  • Pay school fees.
  • To register their children and to collect their reports at the end of the quarter or/ and the year.
  • To give support to children(e.g. moral support, school activities).
  • It is the responsibility of parents or Guardian to attend general meetings or any other official meeting convened by school authority.
  • Parents meetings will be held on Quarterly basis.
  • Parents will be kept posted with the dates of the said meetings by the school Management team (SMT).
  • School uniform is supposed to be worn by all learners, according to the prescribed school attire.
  • Discipline: if a learner fail to comply with putting on school uniform: the said.
  • Learner will be send home to put on school uniform.
  • Learners may not be late for lessons.
  • No eating and drinking in the classroom.
  • Classroom must be kept clean and tidy all the times.
  • Learners may not disturb lessons.
  • Chewing gum is strictly forbidden in the classroom.
  • Teasing and playing with one another during lessons is strictly forbidden.
  • Learners must respect one another irrespective of social class or ethmic orientation.
  • Learners may not remove any school furniture or equipment from the class or school without permission.
  • It is an offence to write, scratch of deface any classroom walls or items.
  • Vandalism of school property is strictly forbidden whatsoever.
  • It is the learner's responsibility to catch up with the class work in case of absenteeism of their own making.

The starting time of St Mark's Primary School shall be at 07h50 and should be honoured by all learners. Should a learner arrive late, she/he must remain outside the classroom for the duration of the remaining minutes of that kind, so as not to disturb others, and if a learner.

Keeps on being absent from school the respective parents/guardians must be involved.


All learners and Educators are expected to keep their classrooms clean and tidy at all times.

  • Parents are responsible for their children's behavior and must ensure correct and civilized behavior from their children.
  • In the case of continuous transgression by the child, their parents or guardian may be called to discuss and try to correct such behavior.
  • Any act of violence, abuse, destruction and intimidation may not be tolerated.
  • Use of obscene language or vulgar words is an offence.
  • Boys are expected to respect girls and not treat them as inferior.
  • Girls are expected to respect boys and not treat them as inferior.
  • Parents and teachers are strongly advised to teach boys about respect for girls.
  • No ganterism shall be tolerated.
  • Factionalism and tribalism are social evils, and are strongly discouraged.
  • Weapons and any other instrument deemed a dangerous and threat to the safety of others must not be carried within the school premises.
  • No learner may engage in any behavior that may damage the image of the school.
  • If a learner disturb the class through making noise and other actions, the relevant punishment will be a verbal warning.
  • Should she/he continue after a warning, then such a learner will be reported to his/her parents subject to the measures given in their code of conduct.
  • Those learners who bring dangerous weapons to school will be subjected to corrective measures as a form of discipline.
  • No smoking or consumption of drugs is allowed on the school premises, and/or whenever a learner is in school uniform.
  • Dealing n drugs is a criminal offence, and anybody caught in possession of such shall be suspended immediately and criminal charges may be initiated.
  • Learners are strongly advised to report any such behavior/activity as soon as they notice it.
  • Failure to notify school authority of such criminal activities may lead to prosecution by justice authorities.
  • Theft is a criminal offence and therefore strongly discouraged.
  • The school may not be held liable for any theft whatsoever.
  • Pupils are advised to take care of their belongings.
  • Learners must be presentable at all times.
  • Learners are expected to dress in the prescribed uniform.
  • Learners' hair must be according to school rules.
  • Red and white Scottish pants, red golf shirt with Scottish collar.
  • White school socks and Black school shoes.
  • Red and navy blue tracksuit when it is cold or a navy blue jersey with red stripe.
  • Red golf shirt with navy blue collar.
  • Navy blue Bermudas.
  • Red and navy blue tracksuit.
  • Navy and red jersey.
  • In accordance with section 39 of SASA (84 OF 1996) school fees shall be charged at St Mark's Primary. All rules and procedures laid down in the act shall be followed.
  • A parent of a learner must pay school fees that shall have been approved, except those who shall have been exempted (excused) by the SGB.
  • The SGB shall use legal procedures (through court orders) to enforce non paying parents to pay school fees.
  • Parents are expected to collect their children's report at all times.
  • If a learner has committed a serious offence, the SGB may sanction a suspension, in accordance with provisions in the School's Act...If a case warrants dismissal the SGB shall make a recommendation to the Head of Department of Education to consider such an expulsion or any possible sanction she/he may deem appropriate.
  • The educator's code of conduct should be in keeping with provisions of SACE code, Employer of educators Act no 76 of 1996 as amended and other relevant provincial regulations.
  • The principal should ensure that there is skills committee/skills development facilitator at the school to ensure that skills development and training matters are taken care of.
  • However, it is the responsibility of every teacher to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in education.
  • Teachers must familiarize themselves with the activities of SAQA and the implementation of the NQF.
  • Business of any nature for personal gain may not be conducted on the school premises without permission.
  • Everyone is equal before the school authority.
  • The school is a place of learning and self development, and it shall be treated as such by anyone irrespective of status
  • Communal sharing of knowledge and skills shall characterize professional interaction at the school.
  • Teachers are encouraged to establish various committees and actively participate in them.
  • School Governing Body (SGB) should be assisted with professional matters in order to run the school matters efficiently and effectively.
  • The school is a community property, and may be accessible to members of the community provided proper activities are undertaken, and that due arrangements are made with the school governing body.
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